We connect American travelers with local experts and educational experiences while giving back to the Cuban community!

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Our mission is to combine educational travel and social good. We are connecting private entrepreneurs, professionals, self-employed workers and local experts to show you the beautiful Havana from the inside while making a difference. You will be led by an specialists in each field such as history, cuisine, architecture, art, religion, dance or sports. With every purchase of an activity we will donate a portion of our sale, on your behalf, to a local Cuban community project that impacts children through the gift of educational supplies.
Please note that Que Bola Havana partners exclusively with Cuban entrepreneurs and private small businesses to provide activities consistent with the spirit of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) general license authorizing travel-related and other transactions that support the Cuban people. U.S. travelers who purchase activities and experiences through Que Bola Havana are responsible for ensuring that they comply with the full terms and conditions of one of the 12 OFAC license categories that authorize travel to Cuba. For more information, please visit OFAC’s website.

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