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For those who enjoy art in its most diverse expressions this is an opportunity that should not be missed. This activey will teach you how art can be created through a material as old as paper. We will visit a workshop that is part of a sociocultural project belonging to the Office of the City Historian, in the historic center of Havana. There we will investigate its operation, while we enjoy a tour of each of the areas that make up the creative process. We will also exchange with those who work here about the possibilities offered by paper manufacturing, from its commercial value to its application in occupational therapies. But we will not be just passive visitors, because we will participant in the creation process. This is an activity to involve the whole family and bring out the artist inside.

Old Havana
1 Hour
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


Learn the process of making art out of paper and participate in the process with your own hands.


We will guide you to the gallery that houses these wonderful works of art. Those that are interested can buy any of the beautiful pieces. This is undoubtedly, a magical place, where art, knowledge, and creation are combined.
  • The purchase of other artistic items in the gallery are not included.
  • Working Tools
  • Child can paint on paper and bring home their own Cuban souvenir.
  • This is a family activity and ideal for children.
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