Afro-Cuban Culture Experience


The Guanabacoa municipality, one of the oldest in Havana, is known for the practice of African-American culture of which Cubans have strong influences. This is your chance to discover the fascinating religious tradition of this town and knows their ancestors. Young entrepreneurs who live in this municipality enjoy teaching about the manifestations of their culture.

They will explain about the religions of Santería, Abakuá and Palo Monte that are practiced in Cuba and will take you with an independence Cuban Babalawo who can look at your past, present and future, and advise you. You will also visit the Guanabacoa Museum and walk down the street to experience the life of the locals in this community. The visit will end with a typical Cuban lunch on the patio of a private home. You will rest comfortably under the shade of an over 300 years Ceiba tree and enjoy local live music.

4 Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


You will meet for an introductory coffee. Then you will travel to Guanabacoa and visit the local museum where you will learn about 3 Afro-Cuban religions. Then you are going to walk through the streets of the city and have direct contact with the locals.


You will meet Damián, a "Babalawo" from Santería, at his altar, where you will receive a reading from him about what your future holds! Damien will give advice based on what he knows about what is yet to come! Note this is an extra charge.


In addition, we can enjoy the typical food made by local self-employed cookers of the community. We will end the day listening to emblematic music played by Damian's family under the shade of a sacred Ceiba tree while we taste a glass of the drink used in all Afro-Cuban ceremonies.
  • This is a group activity so please arrive on time.
  • Local Lunch
  • Coffee
  • Museum admission fee
  • 1 Local beer
  • Music and Dance
  • Transportation round trip
  • 1 Glass of rum
  • The location could be hot, we recommend bringing a hand fan.
  • You will learn more Afro-Cuban religion.
  • Bring your camera to take amazing pictures.
  • Come with a lot of questions. We will answer them all!
  • At the end of this journey you are welcome to stay for a reading with the Babalawo to experience the perfect opportunity to take a look at your future. This has an additional cost paid on site.
  • 30 days before activity refund 100 % . Any experience or event, canceled within 48 hours of booking, is eligible for a full refund. Any experience or event cancellation that is 30 days or more before the start date, is eligible for a full refund. Cancellations less than 30 days before start date will not be eligible for a refund, unless your spot is booked and completed by another guest. Should your spot be booked and completed by another guest, a full refund will be processed within 14 days of the experience start date. However, if your reason for cancellation meets our Extenuating Circumstances policy, you will be refunded in full. All cancelation requested are processed by email.
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Graham Jameson 07/05/2020

This was a very unique afro-cuban experience were my colleagues and I learned a lot about their culture and have a lot of fun. The host speaks very good English also.